77 passengers

a flagon of oil

planned departure date

Thu Sep 06 1804

planned arrival date

Wed Apr 23 1828

travel log

THU SEP 06 1804 :: the ship's crewmembers hold the ship's crewmembers

FRI MAY 02 1806 :: we cruise through a fleet of boats with graphite-colored sails in the windless night

THU SEP 01 1814 :: a quiet fellow murmurs mischieviously and thinks about a small chimp

TUE FEB 17 1818 :: a widow has a bout of the flu

MON OCT 29 1821 :: a quiet fellow starts a fight with a couple

WED AUG 29 1827 :: we paddle in the windless night past a lighthouse in the distance

WED APR 23 1828 :: we cruise through a ship graveyard that must stretch for miles at dawn